A strong and charismatic speaker that uses relatable story to clearly teach how the missing link of understanding Thought can shift the horizon of any individual or company, Jessie will wake up your audience, leadership team or employees to where real, lasting change comes from. While most companies and individuals try to intervene at the behavioral level to find fresh creative ideas, innovation, consistent well-being, change of habits, etc - understanding where the true source of flow exists will naturally shift the behavior of any individual, inevitably leading to consistent successful action and a lightheartedness that leads to improved communication and relationships.


Jessie has been an instrumental part of our management strategy in 2019. As a salon owner I am in the business of managing people and expectations, an often impossible position. With the help of Jessie. both at our management summit and salon team meeting, we were able to break down barriers that hold my team and myself back. We now have a base line to address obstacles with the team and clients. I received an overwhelming amount of feed back from my managers and stylists, and we are looking forward to having her be a mainstay in our future breakout sessions. Oh, and she’s super fun and easy to work with. Just saying.”
— Janine Jarman, Owner Hairroin salon
Jessie’s workshop created a sacred space where all the noise in life quieted for 2 hours and allowed me to hear powerful words from inside that I needed. I felt like a weight had been lifted from my chest and I walked out the door with a clearer view of which direction to take next in business and life.
— Lauren Hurt, Photographer

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