Skilled with immediate, open-hearted connection and deep listening skills, Jessie will lead you to insights that provide organic and profound lasting change. By sharing the understanding of where our life experience and suffering is really coming from, supported by relatable stories from her own life to deepen your own understanding, you will leave your sessions feeling free, seeing that you have choices when it comes to the chaos of your mind, and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude, peace and joy.

Session run time: 1 1/2 hours

Location: Los Angeles in-person and globally via Zoom online

New clients start with 3 sessions with a 2-4 week gap between each

In these sessions your immediate life and how you feel will shift drastically. The rewards are increasingly more profound the deeper you travel with any additional sessions.

Jessie transformed my relationship with myself, consequently with the outside world and thus has brought a peace to my existence that is now not a transitory space but one I can reach anytime I feel it slipping from my hands. Growing up, I at times felt trapped, suffocated or depressed. I now know that what was keeping me from escaping that cage was the hurricane of thoughts swirling around inside me. Thoughts I had believed to be true. Thoughts I had allowed to define me. Jessie and her mindful practice taught me how to comb through the knots of my thoughts. By identifying the thinking that was creating these mental and emotional prisons, she freed me. I no longer belong to the old thought pattern or belief system that used to rule over my joy. I belong to myself. To my intuition. To my heart. Jessie will teach you how to listen to your true voice... one that will never lead you astray... your wisdom.
— Natalia Cordova-Buckley
I was referred to Jessie at one of the lowest points of my life. I was riddled with anxiety and suffering from depression. Jessie showed me that I was too concerned with the past and future and not living in the present. She taught me how to let go of thoughts... the past is the past and we miss out on the present when we hold on to thoughts that don’t matter anymore. I have a new calm in my life now I’ve never experienced before, living moment to moment, and it’s all thanks to her.
— Colleen M.
I was feeling stuck in my job, knowing it’s not what I want to pursue further for my career, but also feeling paralyzed in not knowing how I could ever achieve my dreams. Right in my first session with Jessie, and with such clarity, she helped me discover the missing piece to the puzzle! I was too focused on intellect, and was missing my connection to the heart. From that simple, but major, “aha” moment, my creativity has opened up, I’m writing consistently, and I’m carving a path towards making my dreams a reality.
— F.M.
I got more in 20 minutes working with Jessie then I have in the last two years of therapy!
— Jeremiah Roiko