And The Lessons Keep On Coming...

It hit me out of no where.

I needed a breath of fresh air so I stepped out onto my balcony to take a moment of quiet to myself and without any hesitation…. WHAM! My chest filled with pure love, I bowed my head in gratitude and started to weep. I wasn’t expecting it at all - I had literally followed a feeling within me that it would be a good idea to step outside, and the feeling that poured out of me once I did was overwhelming.

It has been quite a month in my world. I have been graced with clients of every variety, and for the first time, I am seeing for myself exactly what Elsie Spittle always says about her practice. One, that her students and clients are amongst her greatest teachers and two (this may have originated from someone else, but I’ve heard her say it), that what she knows for sure is that she knows nothing. When I’ve heard these sayings in the past, I would have never admitted it to you, but my ego would massively get in the way and tell me that they couldn’t be true for me. With as much respect and love I have for Elsie, I couldn’t see her perspective. How could one be helping others if they didn’t know anything? How can you expect to teach if who you’re teaching is teaching you? My heart would struggle with the idea because there was a feeling inside of me that was pointing me in the direction of her truth, but I couldn’t release it for myself. Like a kid in a toy store unwilling to put down a toy once you’ve told them they don’t get to take it home with them.

Then it became loud and clear to me throughout these last several weeks. Every time I would approach a new mentoring session, I couldn’t help but get into my intellect a bit. I would start to craft some ideas of what I thought may be helpful in guiding them in this understanding, whether it be completely new information to the client, or giving them a shift in perspective to help them get unstuck out of a feeling. But every single time, the moment I sat down in front of them, all of that intellect would get washed away and what would come through me in session would be exactly what they, and I, needed to hear. It was absolutely incredible. Elsie’s words started to click and I realized in the biggest possible way, how the spiritual nature to our existence is so immense that it’s hard to wrap your mind around it. My experience, the feeling and Wisdom that would rise up to guide me, was my greatest teacher, and I wouldn’t know those things to share, until they came through me to share them. What peace to know that Wisdom always has me.

I have spoken about our Wisdom and how it’s connected to Universal Mind (the greater intelligence of all things, the energy behind life) many times. How when we quiet our mind and tune into our gut, we are consistently nudged in the direction of showing up to life in our true nature which then guides us in the direction of our ultimate potential; Even if the direction looks difficult, uncomfortable or scary, merely because it’s different. It’s as if every time I’ve spoken about it, I’ve had an idea of how powerful this concept was, and of course I had seen evidence in my own life as well as others of how life unfolds when you follow that inner prompting. But something has massively shifted yet again for me. My previous experiences from my little adjustments here and there definitely pointed me in the right direction so I could teach what I knew… but as if Universal Mind decided it was time for me to take the lesson to an even deeper level, I was gifted with referral after referral, and my intellect couldn’t keep up with me. I realized I previously felt certain about what I knew because I could explain it from my intellect which would ring true for others in their intellect. But by the end of last week, I was no longer speaking from that space. My certainty came from the feeling of my true nature, home - within me. When I shared from that feeling, the true essence of who I am and what I have experienced naturally connected to the true essence of the client in front of me and the feeling they began to experience began to organically teach them exactly what they needed to hear. In turn, what came out of their mouth, deepened my own understanding.

I continue to live in a constant state of awe of this understanding. Every experience is showing up to guide you deeper into your true nature. I can absolutely see for myself how the moment I think I’ve ‘got’ something, life immediately presents a similar lesson in a different costume to expand my awareness and understanding of how we are so much greater and grander than ‘getting’ one tiny stitch of a lesson on the beautiful quilt of life. However it is also due to each stitch that we become more and more whole, that we get settled within our own knowing, that each moment that passes becomes more full and the gratitude for it all becomes more overwhelming.

As Syd Banks would say, “We are spiritual beings who think.” I know that I will see that more clearly as each days passes by, but trusting each experience for the Wisdom it provides within me, makes me realize the depth of truth in those six ‘simple’ words.

“We are spiritual beings who think”

What does that bring up for you?

All my love and see you next week~