Hi! I'm Jessie.

Before having an insight that changed my life forever, anxiety was so normal to me that I had accepted it as a part of who I was. Coming from a family of therapists and having a degree in the field, led me to believe that I must have had some deep-seated issues and beliefs that were constantly being triggered by what was going on around me. I would try different methods and techniques, study different theories, and though I would inevitably believe I had found a nugget of information deep within my psyche that seemed to be the answer that could allow me to breathe, the next day I would wake up to the same feelings parading in a new costume with a new story. With disappointment swirling within me but hope in my heart, I would use my tools to manage how I felt and show up to the world as authentically as I could muster. It was exhausting and I so desperately wanted better.

While working in the entertainment industry I found myself 20 pounds heavier than ever before with swollen lymph nodes and knocking on depression’s door for the first time in my life, when a life changing insight came through my own wisdom. Come to find out I had been looking in the wrong direction for TRUE, lasting peace.

It is not my belief in something that got me here, it’s my experience in uncovering a truth of how we work, a simple understanding, that has changed my life forever. The moment I saw it so clearly for myself, as well as the relief from decades of stress and anxiety that followed, it became my mission to share what I know.

We are, at most times, our own worst enemy. The belief system we create for ourselves is a direct result from our very own thought constructs we’ve built in our heads. Jessie is a master at cutting through this intricate network and getting you to understand that you are none of these things. She efficiently and effectively helped me sift through a life’s worth of old behavior patterns that I couldn’t break. My one on one work with her was both transformational and inspiring and though I sought her help for aspirational career moves, every relationship in my life is better for it. Do yourself a favor and book a session with Jessie Douglass-Smith McGraw.
— Scott Hislop

In addition to one-on-one sessions and speaking engagements, to give back to the dance community, I have created a Mindful Health program, the first of it’s kind, for the prestigious Bloc Talent Agency representing the top dancers and choreographers in the entertainment industry. I provide one-on-one sessions once per week, seeing 20 clients per month, in addition to training workshops for future mentors within the industry.

What i've helped others Achieve

  • Self-harming clients - be it cutting, overeating, addiction - have found immediate freedom from the urges they previously deemed responsible for their habits.

  • Clients who have been labeled bipolar or lifelong depressives have found clarity and freedom that has led to a consistently stable state of mind.

  • Immediate relief from overthinking, overanalyzing, and the feeling of being frozen.

  • Clients taking the leap into career changes with courage and TRUST.

  • Artist clients have been relieved of audition and performance anxiety.

  • Lifelong social anxiety eliminated.

  • Open-hearted and reignited relationships and marriages.

  • Renewed sense of self and confidence.

  • Clients who have felt that past experiences have damaged who they are and who they can be, are relieved of that weight permanently.

  • Habitual negative thinking no longer appearing.

  • Renewed sense of excitement, hope and gratitude for life.